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This page contains a list of works that were either workshopped or brainstormed at Villa Diodati and have since been sold or published.

Our heroes:

Nancy Fulda, "In the Halls of the Sky-Palace," Jim Baen's Universe 19 Vol 4 Num 1 June 2009 (VD2)

Stephen Gaskell, "Reunion," Tumbarumba (, 2008 (VD3)

Sara Genge, "Prayers for an Egg," Asimov's Science Fiction and Fantasy, October/November 2008 (VD1)

Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, "Teaching a Pink Elephant to Ski," Fantasy Magazine February 2nd, 2009 (VD3 -- and she Tuckerizes us! Try to find everyone! Must surely be the ultimate Villa Diodati story ... )

John Phillip Olsen, "Birtday," Tumbarumba (, 2008 (VD3)

Jeff Spock, "Of Love and Mermaids," Tumbarumba (, 2008 (VD3)


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