Diana was shoving a speaker across the stage when she noticed the TV crew. "Aw, shit," she said under her breath.

Birgit, her back to her future audience while she concentrated on the electronic tuner set up on a speaker, didn't see what was going on. "What's the matter?"

Diana nodded in the direction of the cameras, where Lyssa was already being interviewed. Birgit turned around and looked. What she saw made her suck in her breath. "Maybe they'll stick around for a while?" she suggested hopefully.

"Our drummer isn't even here yet," Diana said. The tone of her voice obviously meant hell for said drummer.

"Have you considered that it might be a blessing in disguise that we aren't set up yet?" Sarah asked, joining them. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm not sure if I feel ready for national coverage just now."

"You know, Di," Birgit said, "Sarah's got a point there. We've still got some tightening up to do."

"This is only our first real gig," Sarah coaxed.

Diana continued to gaze longingly at the TV cameras, rather inconsistent considering her repeated professions that she wasn't serious about her music. "But we may never get another chance like this," she said pessimistically.

"Look, this strike will be going on for a while, I bet," Birgit said. "It's getting bigger all the time."

"This may not be our only chance," Sarah added.

"But the fact remains that we missed it," Diana insisted. As the three women watched, a camera panned the stage where they were standing while another remained fixed on the distant figure of Lyssa. Diana watched as they interviewed one friend after another. The camera did not return to the stage. There was nothing going on there.

"Let's get some extra practice sessions in," Sarah suggested.

"Tighten up our act," Birgit added.

"Shit," Diana said. "Oh, shit."

"Hi guys," Wes said, coming up behind them. Their attention had been so fixed on the news team that they hadn't heard him arrive. Diana gave him a look so poisonous it could have laid a whole legion of long-haired drummers low. "Uh, girls," he said, unaware of what his present sin was.

"Your perennial lack of punctuality has just caused us to miss the big break," Sarah announced. Diana just continued to glare. Sympathetic of his plight, Birgit nodded her blond bangs in the direction of the TV crew.

"Uh-oh," Wes said.

"You said it, buddy," Diana agreed.

"Maybe if we work fast we can still get started before they leave?" Wes suggested. But as he spoke, the TV crew began packing up its equipment.

"Looks like it would be hard to clear this one up with a little extra effort in bed, even if you weren't on strike," Wes said fatalistically.

Diana glared some more and didn't reply. She knew her disappointment was an overreaction, but at the moment she found Wes nearly as repulsive as a dirty sock that's been moldering under the bed for months. "Calm down, Di," Birgit said. "Even if the National News doesn't get us, then KWET will."

"Exactly," Sarah said. "And Rick's already got everything set up to tape 'Declaration of Independence.' We'll get lots of publicity, even without them."

"Probably more than we deserve anyway," Birgit added.