Containing tea, coffee and dessert.

Sam pulled up in front of Amazon House with certain misgivings. She had come to the conclusion that she could no longer afford the stress of her hobby, and that would mean the beginning of the end for the band. Diana wouldn't be happy.

Lily answered the door. "Oh, it's you Sam, hi, come on in," she gushed in her breathless way, punctuating her welcome with an inappropriate laugh. When Sam first met Lily, she thought Lily's behavior came from being intentionally friendly--these Oregonians frequently went out of their way to prove their political correctness. But Sam soon realized Lily acted that way around everyone, and she chalked it up to Lily's insecurity.

At the sound of the doorbell, Diana emerged from her bedroom at the back of the house and gave Sam a hug. "I was thinking we could go out for a decadently fattening dessert--how does that sound?"

"Sounds like just the thing to cheer me up."

"What shall it be, the Veritable Quandary?"

"Why don't you guys have a cup of tea with us first?" Lily suggested. "I'm telling Myrine's fortune!"

Myrine appeared at the door of the kitchen. "Sam, hi. So how are you doing?" she asked meaningfully.

"Pretty well, all things considered," Sam answered. As Diana's friends well aware, Sam was getting over a relationship with a colleague who departed for a better job in San Francisco, and she was bombarded with sympathy constantly. Sometimes Sam wished Diana didn't have quite such a big mouth. But then she'd miss Diana's stories about other people, and they were good.