Containing an exemplary incident of female insurgence.

Not too long ago, in a famous European metropolis which was in the news a lot a few years back, a young student never made it home from the all-woman bar where she had spent the evening. On the way home, she was raped and murdered in a local playground.

It wasn't an exceptional rape. It was a completely normal rape, a completely normal small-time murder, the likes of which are known to every city everywhere, big or small. Of course, it makes it rather melodramatic that the incident took place in a playground, but other than that, there really was nothing exceptional about it.

The only exceptional thing was the reaction this particular rape-murder inspired. Just days later, thousands of women took to the suburban streets to protest their mutual daily danger. After all, if it hadn't been Susanne, it might have been one of them.

A local dignitary called the demonstration an immoderate magnification of the battle of the sexes; basically, a bad case of overreaction. Because, as we all know, rape is committed by psychopaths, and how is that supposed to be controlled? Average men don't do things like that. Average men pose no threat of sexual violence to average women. Average men don't harass their employees either.

The women marched the streets. The women didn't believe him. The women were proud of themselves.

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