Marty shows his colors.

At the office of Cutting Edges things were humming. Even Deborah was there to see if there was anything she could do. She had decided to abandon her principles and her most recent writing project, barely begun, to throw her not insubstantial weight in with this society for lost causes. Even if it was lost, it was still good.

"Can you pick up the posters at the print shop at eleven, Marty?" Lyssa asked, looking at her watch. "I have to get over to City Hall and get their blessing for the rally in the park."

"Your wish is my command," Marty said with friendly irony.

"While you're at it, why don't you ask about the possibility of a concert in the park on the weekend?" Diana asked Lyssa. "We could collect donations for the rape crisis center. I'm sure I could drum up a couple of bands, even at this short notice."

"Great idea," Lyssa replied, her eyes growing bright. "Just think of the publicity!"

"I wish you would get as enthusiastic about me," Marty complained.

"I am enthusiastic about you," Lyssa insisted with a smile.

"Only because I'm going to take over all the work while you run around saving the world."


"Lyssa is in her element," Roxana said.

"Lyssa is dashing around so much it's making me dizzy," Harry griped.

"Is there anything I can do?" Deborah asked.

"You could go with Marty and then take some of the posters over to Mercy at the university. She'll know where to hang them up."

"If this keeps up, I'll be hung up pretty soon too," Roxana bitched.

"Don't worry, it will," Diana failed to reassure her.

"And what about the magazine?" Roxana asked.

"A couple of days of extracurricular activity won't hurt. Besides, we'll have our hands full covering the demonstration and the other activities."

"We'll temporarily turn it into Lyssa's personal propaganda paper." This was Harry again.

"Has it ever been anything else?" Roxana asked with more bark in her bite than usual.

"Not while I'm running it, it won't be," Marty objected.

"That a boy, Marty," Diana encouraged him.

"Well, just make sure it remains politically correct," Lyssa said, almost as if she were laughing at herself and, what was more surprising, her cause.

Diana nodded approvingly. "It's like everyone says: Marty really is good for you."

"Especially when he takes over all the work without complaining."

"Who said I'm not complaining?"

"Why don't I get the posters alone?" Deborah suggested. "If Marty's going to try to fill your shoes, he'll have too much to do to run around playing gofer."

"Fine with me. Just make sure you don't forget."

"We can think without you, you know, Lyssa," Diana said.

"Well, whatever you do, do it without me. I've got to go." And Lyssa dashed out of the office, the light in her eyes like a beacon. Marty shook his head as she left. She amused him utterly, and he admired her to no end. He really wasn't complaining.

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