It was Portland and it was April and it was dismal. An overhang of clouds was lurking on the horizon, threatening rain as usual. At least the clouds didn't make good their threat while the musicians were lugging instruments and amps and speakers from Sarah's van to the stage in Waterfront Park.

Despite the clouds, Diana's mood was sunny and her cold almost gone. Judging that the climate wouldn't get any better, Wes decided to make a last desperate effort to secure her affections once the strike was over.

After Birgit and Sarah went back to the van, Wes approached Diana where she was setting up her Roland and put a gentle hand on her shoulder. Diana looked at him with a questioning smile on her face. The hand felt good, but that didn't change the fact that it wasn't the right hand. It was the left.

"If I do a good job, will I be back in your good graces?" Wes asked.

"If you don't do a good job, you'll be out of this band," Diana said and grinned. "You'll be great, I know you will. You'll knock 'em dead. National coverage!"

"This strike fits your present mood nicely, doesn't it?" Wes said. "It keeps you from having to call it off once and for all."

Diana gave Wes a rueful grin. She had underestimated him.

"You don't have to look at me like that. I may be quite a few years younger than you, but I still wasn't born yesterday. It hasn't escaped me that you weren't really into it anymore."

"You're right. I don't see much future for us." Diana looked at him with big brown eyes. "Do you resent me now?"

"Naw," Wes said, reaching out and brushing back her long bangs with a gentle hand. "I can't deny that I had my fun."

"Well, so did I," Diana said, smiling.

Birgit and Sarah returned with stands and mikes and a crate full of cables. "We've got to do this thing right this time," Diana said as she retrieved a stand to set up in front of her Roland.

"Like how?" Birgit asked.

"Play the right songs at the right time."

"How do you mean?" Sarah asked as she hauled cables out of a crate and plugged them into amps and instruments. Her hair was pulled back in an incredibly long pony tail, but it still got in her way. "Why don't we have any roadies anyway?" she added in frustration.

"Save a couple of appropriate tunes for when the news crew is around and ready to film us," Diana replied to the first question.

"Good idea," Birgit said. "How about the blues?"

"The blues is good," Wes agreed. "You're off the keyboards."

Diana put her hands on her hips and stuck her tongue out at him.

Wes shook his head. "Now really, Di, aren't you a bit too old for that kind of thing?"

"We have to do 'Declaration of Independence' for sure," Sarah said.

"How about 'Declaration of Continence'?" Wes suggested.

Diana laughed. "That's good!"

"Then 'Declaration of Continence' it is," Wes said fatalistically.