"Hey, what's the matter with Adrian and Di, do you think?" Lily asked.

Adam shook his head. "I don't know, but she does not look happy."

Lily giggled. "I've got an idea!"


Springsteen's imitation of a freight train faded away while Diana and Adrian were still locked together glaring at each other, and the sudden absence of music made them the immediate center of attention. They sprang apart.

Lily dashed over and clambered up on a chair next to them, lifting one arm out above their heads. They looked up at her questioningly. "It's mistletoe, you dummies!" she said. "Now kiss and make up!"

Diana looked startled, sheepish and unwilling, but Adrian laughed. He was not one to hold a grudge, and he wasn't a poor sport either. The joke may have been on him, but he went along with it willingly. Enclosing the nape of Diana's neck with one hand, more gently this time, and pressing the small of her back with the other, Adrian pulled her to him deliberately and adjusted his body to hers. When they kissed, a kiss that went far beyond public displays of affection, everyone cheered. Adrian and Diana were temporarily reconciled and a collision was avoided. Lily and Adam congratulated themselves.

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