Kate's shoes

Kate and Hannah were a perfect example of opposites attracting; each had something the other lacked and compensated for in their relationship. Hannah envied Kate her "real" family life; Kate envied Hannah her lack of it. For Kate, Hannah's minimalist family meant freedom. Kate liked Hannah's mom, probably as much as she liked Hannah; she liked Hannah's house, big and old and full of books and interesting personalities, the kinds of people Lyssa interviewed for Cutting Edges. Using your standard nutshell measurement, their friendship was based on a large portion of reciprocal envy. But there were a lot of things outside the nutshell as well, including adolescent admiration and enthusiasm. This too was reciprocal, only weighed more heavily to Hannah's side. Kate's popularity and the year difference in their ages gave her a slight advantage. (Moons can be whatever color you choose before it will be more common than not when relationships are egalitarian.) Kate was the first love of Hannah's life. But Kate was not unaware of that, and her own heart turned over in response.