Diana had been the first one in bed, but she was the last to get up. She had claimed she knew when she'd had enough to drink, but the way she felt didn't support the hypothesis. Shi-it, but they had really indulged in a mutual depression session there. Diana was not the type to wallow in it, however, and she got herself out of bed with much less effort (and much less apprehension) than Lily had needed.

Diana threw off the covers and propelled herself cautiously into action. Pulling a knee-length black and green striped satin robe over her oversized "Legalize Home Grown" T-shirt, she left her bedroom and descended upon her housemates in the kitchen.

Diana helped herself to some tea. "What are you two doing up so early?" she asked jokingly.

"We're picking our toenails," Myrine replied.


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