Adrian packed his toothbrush and the socks that were lying on the floor and went out to his old VW bus, Diana following, arms hugged tight to her chest for protection from the rain and various other blows of fate. Before he got into the bus, she put her arms around him briefly and gave him a gentle kiss. "Bye."

"I'll call you," Adrian said.

Diana would have liked to believe there were tears on his lashes, but it could as easily have been the rain. "Are you sure?" she asked.


Diana shrugged. "Take care."

"You too."

"What was that all about?" Lily asked when Diana returned to the kitchen, wet with drizzle.

"Adrian just left."

"For good?"


Lily shook her head. "Di, that's one beautiful male you're giving up."

"I don't have a choice."

Lily laughed in disbelief. "You always have a choice."