As they wandered the short distance across the quads, a man came up to Kate and began what appeared to be an earnest and intimate discussion, and she dropped back. He looked familiar, but it took Hannah a minute to remember where she had seen him before. When she did, she took Randy's arm and shook it.

"Don't look now," Hannah said, "but I think your moral apostle is indicating a decided preference for an older man who is involved elsewhere."

"Where?" Randy asked.

"In Portland," Hannah replied.

"No, I mean where's Kate?"

"Back there," Hannah said, nodding behind them.

"Are you sure?" Randy asked.

"Don't you see her?"

"No, I mean are you sure about the guy?"

"Not 100%, but pretty close to it. I saw him and his girlfriend at my mom's fortieth birthday this year. If it's him, that is."

Randy whistled. "Maybe it will teach her not to moralize as much?" he said hopefully.