For the curious, what has happened to our cast of characters.


After her unsuccessful attempt to put an end to sexual violence, Lyssa turned to a somewhat more successful attempt to put an end to nuclear power plants in Oregon. She is presently trying--with continued lack of success and undiminished enthusiasm--to save the whales, the trees, the spotted owl and the world in general.


Marty is trying to save Lyssa from herself and thereby save her idealism for the rest of the world. He also makes sure the magazine doesn't go under.


Hannah is an acknowledged credit to her mother's footsteps. After journalism school, she joined the staff of Cutting Edges, but her ambitions are higher--Amnesty International or Greenpeace or NOW.


Deborah continues to be ignored by most academics and read by millions.


Roxana's photographs have been discovered by feminist critics, and she finally enjoys a modest reputation as an artist. She has given up Cutting Edges and door frames and concentrates exclusively on landscapes of the female body.


Daphne changed her major from Art to Aeronautical Engineering and is presently working at Boeing. She never adopted her mother's sexual proclivities, but it took her some time to return to any sexual proclivities at all. She is unmarried and seems to like it that way.


Mercy got her first novel out of her system, and it sits on her hard drive taking up space. She is presently working on her second--which is not autobiographical.


George no longer fixes vacuum cleaners. He has gone up in the world; now he sells them.


The publicity of the strike did Diana good. She is doing the circuit of West Coast gigs waiting for the Really Big Break, but she has a record with the I.R.S., and it looks like R.B.B. might be just around the corner. She is not considering emigrating to Canada.


When Diana took to the mike big time, Adrian took over the keyboards, fortunately, and took to the background. Now they are together day in and day out for long stretches of time, getting on each others nerves accordingly. And for some inexplicable reason, it seems to be working.


The publicity did Sam good as well. Capable minority women are a hot item in broadcast journalism, and now she is killing two birds with one stone in Seattle. She got an offer to go to San Francisco but turned it down.


Matt eventually returned to the folds of a more liberal, reform-oriented party, but his pragmatic fling with conservative politics inflicted permanent damage on his idealistic image. He has found his niche as a behind the scenes manipulator rather than an up-front man.


Myrine has taken over Matt's role and reputation as semi- professional engaged idealist, adding her own cynical flair. She spends her spare time exploring the worlds of possibilities the incident with Lily opened up for her.


Lily and Adam made good their threat and married in the fall. Lily now has a little girl, a house in the suburbs, and various part-time jobs to help ward off the ever-present danger of domestic bliss.


Adam has ended up where most scientifically-minded talents end up these days--in the computer industry. He and Lily are still apparently happy together after several years of marriage, perhaps because Adam is not above accepting a subordinate position at times. Or perhaps because Adam is running around with a wedding band on his finger. The two may even possess the answer to the riddle of how to make love stay. Whether they do or not, it remains a well-guarded secret. In accordance with this tradition, we will leave the mystery as it is and content ourselves with the puzzling nature of this qualified happy ending.


Gareth is grinning sheepishly at someone else these days. His perpetual horniness has been relieved by the security of marriage, and his perpetual monetary worries by the security of a government job--in the Air Force. He was too big for me after all.

That leaves me. You can guess what I've been doing the last couple of years, and it hasn't been with Gareth. Obviously, I will not be able to provide you personally with another happy ending, but we have too many of those already. Believe me, there are definitely compensations. I may not know how to make love stay, but I've learned a lot about the war between the sexes. And the only thing I can say in parting is, if you expect the one, you may well get the other.

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