Deborah's song of triumph and praise.










Women of the city, full of fury,
tired of misogyny,
the women united
to wear out the war of the sexes.

Peaceful by nature, mothers and sisters,
the women refused to be bested,
refused to be mounted,
they took to the streets
to take possession of their lives.

Women of the city, multitude of thousands,
when they walked through the streets there was trembling,
the earth trembled at their advance,
market militia, battle-hardened child-bearers,
veterans of after-Christmas inventory sales,
and the forceful rejection of unwanted advances,
the women were safe on the streets of the city,
taking shield from aggressors in the safety of numbers.
The skies opened and the heavens dropped tears of joy.

Woman and warrior, Lyssa lead,
lofty and lowbrow, terrible and tender,
image of female vitality,
warrior without weapon or shield,
leading the thousands that walked the streets,
warriors against war, refusing submission,
storming the citadel of bureaucracy,
taking the symbol of female forgiveness,
to mute the power of misogyny,
alter the myths and alter their lives,
and apply for post of ally and friend.

No mind can match, no man mount her,
O Insurmountability! thy name is woman.