Lily was sitting at the round table, colorful sugar cookies stacked up in front of her and astrology books spread out around her. The homey smells eased the tension a little. "I'm doing people's horoscopes for Christmas," she announced. "What's your birthday, Adrian?"

"May 1, 1958."

"Taurus. That fits. Musical, sensual. But Taurus and Sagittarius don't go well together." Adrian and Diana looked at each other. "And Taurus is too sensible, too conservative for you," Lily added, examining Adrian critically. "You must have some Air or Fire in there somewhere. Do you know what time you were born?"

"Not offhand. You don't need to bother anyway. I won't be around for Christmas."

"Well, let me look it up now then." Lily rifled through her books and Adrian sat down and took a cookie. Diana sat down next to him. "I don't see any fire, but there certainly isn't any more Taurus in your chart. Or much earth at all for that matter. I was right about that."

"Then what is in it?" Adrian asked and took another cookie.

"Your moon is in Libra, and Venus and Mars are both in Pisces. Air and Water. That could certainly account for your creativity and musical talent."

Adrian looked at Diana. "And devotion to lost causes?"

Lily laughed. "That too, I'm sure."

Adrian shrugged and pushed his chair away from the table, getting up smoothly and gracefully. "Good cookies, Lily, thanks."

"You going already? You just got here yesterday!"

"Got to practice for a gig this week."

"Oh." Lily looked from Adrian to Diana with more seriousness than she was usually able to muster.