Caught in the act, Lily and Myrine started apart at her entrance, but Diana didn't notice a thing. She may have had twenty-twenty vision, but that didn't keep her from being quite near-sighted at times. She was also suffering from the kind of headache that hangs out in front of your forehead, between and a little above your eyebrows, slightly irritating, but not debilitating. And absolutely impossible to get rid of.

Myrine was surprised at her own reaction: having secrets from one another was not a part of their relationship, and experiencing a start indicated a secretive impulse. She wouldn't have minded telling Diana what had been going on in the kitchen after she went to bed, but it was up to Lily. It seemed as if her loyalties were divided. She had never thought that would happen to the three of them. And she couldn't even blame a man for the extraordinary state of affairs.