Lily hung up the phone and turned to see Myrine in the door of the kitchen.

"What was that all about?"

"A woman answered the phone."

"The child with her heart in her eyes," Myrine said.

"So you did know something," Lily stated without surprise.

"I couldn't be sure," Myrine defended herself. She felt as if she had committed treason.

The telephone rang. Lily and Myrine looked at it as if it were a particularly slimy and particularly disgusting toad.

"I'm gone," Lily said, not moving.

"I'll get it." The sarcasm had abruptly fled from Myrine's voice. "Hello."

"Myrine," Adam said. "Can I talk to Lily?"

"She's gone," Myrine lied remorselessly.

"She just called," Adam said.

"She just left," Myrine insisted.

"You guys are in league against me," Adam complained.

"What brilliant powers of observation you have," Myrine said, her sarcasm returning in full force. "What did you expect? We're in league against all of you. We're going on strike."

"On strike?" Adam said. "Listen, Myrine, it's too early for jokes."

"No joke. We're striking assholes like you."

"I don't get it. Tell her I'll call again this afternoon, okay?"

"I'll tell her."



"He'll call again this afternoon," Myrine said as she hung up.

"Thanks. Now I'm really outta here." And with a toss of her head and a wink of her eye, she was.