Diana awoke gradually, filled with a pleasant awareness of warmth. After such a night, she had to admit Seattle definitely had a few things going for it, the most convincing of which was stretched out next to her.

Strands of Adrian's long brown hair were trapped under her shoulder; if she made a wrong move she would pull it and wake him rather rudely, so she elevated herself gently on her elbow and brushed it away. With her cheek in her hand above him, the view was good for admiring Seattle's advantages. Her fingers itched to touch the clean, straight lines, but she refrained, contenting herself with a visual caress, picking out the spots she especially enjoyed. Her hand knew them fairly well by now anyway, the sloping indentation down from the hip, the promising trail of hair starting at the navel and the regions where it lead. Adrian was slim and hard, obviously athletic without being overly so. Diana was probably more athletic than he was, but his body still had a harder quality to it. It was unavoidable--male beauty was different than female beauty. But whoever said it should be the same? Diana couldn't understand how so many women went without it. She certainly couldn't. All cats, including toms, might be grey in the dark, but who wanted to do everything in the dark? Diana was a woman who found aesthetics absolutely necessary for a sexual relationship, an attitude which is probably more common among the male of the species. A man could be smart, witty, and the most talented musician this side of the Rockies, but if he was fat, Diana was a neuter next to him.

Adrian certainly wasn't fat, and he was an excellent musician. Diana had been blissfully unaware of Adrian's discomfort the evening before while she sang, but she'd had her own problems when he had played her a new song, a beautiful rock ballad about waiting. It was for her, she knew it. "Like what you see?" Adrian asked suddenly, eyes still closed.

"Oh, did I wake you?" Diana asked. "I tried not to."

"I think I was already rising from the depths when I felt you move," Adrian said, peeking out at her from one eye. "You still haven't answered my question. That's not polite."

Diana smiled. "Of course I do," she replied, finally reaching out to caress with more than just her eyes. And inspiring Adrian to do his best to convince her yet again of Seattle's advantages.


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