An introduction to Amazon House

Diana, Myrine and Lilith lived in a relatively central location south of one of the numerous small campuses gracing their fair city. The house they shared was known to friends (and probably to foes as well, although they weren't aware of having any to speak of) as Amazon House, for reasons other than merely the gender of the occupants. The trio went back to college days in Eugene and the "Animal House" of John Belushi cinema fame.

A former fraternity, Animal House had been a run-down rental until Hollywood scouts discovered it. But before those latter-day scouts discovered it and John Belushi held toga parties in it, Matt and Myrine, Lily and Adam, and Diana and Mercy, among others, had lived there. Originally, they called themselves "the dirty dozen" -- before their occupation, the place had been a halfway house for reformed and not-so-reformed criminals -- but soon after the movie came out, making Eugene familiar to millions, the famous name became the more common one. It didn't bother them in the least that Animal House was Animal House only after they moved out. Fame is fame and a landmark is a landmark, even if your association with it is before the fact, and the landmark has been torn down to make room for a dental hygiene center.

So it was in accordance with Animal House tradition that the three women's present residence was christened Amazon House. Although Lily and Myrines' work as self-defense teachers might have had a little bit to do with it.