In which Diana gets a second chance.


Diana had a spring cold, and her voice had even more rough edges than usual. She had the constitution of a horse, but when and if anything caught up with her, it got her in the throat. She was nursing her cold at home and drinking lots of hot tea with lemon and rum, her mom's recipe, sure to put you out in the middle of the day. When Lyssa called and told her the news, Diana wished passionately that the phlegm clogging her throat would disappear with the last dregs of Earl Grey. They were expecting another National News crew. And this time it was going to be Big, not just a spot on the evening news; this time it was a spot on Ninety Minutes.

Diana called the band members and rescheduled the cancelled practice session, sore throat and wooziness be damned. At least she was forewarned. This time they wouldn't be too late.