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A Time Travel Homage to Aphra Behn

Chameleon in a Mirror - An Aphra Behn Time Travel

Chameleon in a Mirror, my time travel novel revolving around the life of Aphra Behn in the 1670s, is now available as an ebook on Amazon. A trade paperback edition, as well as ebook editions for other platforms, are planned as well, but as of this update, only the Kindle version is available. You can read the first two chapters of the novel on this site free!


Chameleon in a Mirror: Billie (Willa) Armstrong, an American graduate student with a penchant for street music, is disenchanted with London, her lover and her academic progress. She has always wanted to discover something decisive about her idol Aphra Behn and help her attain the place in literature that she deserves, but when Billie accidentally activates the magical properties of a baroque mirror, she gets more than she bargained for. What develops is an unwilling masquerade in a tale of literary politics and passion, a high-spirited Restoration romp, as Billie does her best to survive in a strange era and ensure Aphra's literary survival in the future.

  Chameleon in a Mirror

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